Erin Martin


The Wildthing (a.k.a. my six-year-old) and I had the good fortune to spend Easter weekend at my cousin's home in Napa Valley. Goes without saying that this area is absolutely beautiful. There's so much to blog about; the soil, the weather, the spas, the goodlife -- but since this is my blog, well, let's talk a bit about shopping, shall we? One of my favorite California designers, Erin Martin, has a store on Main Street in St. Helena. Below are a few photos taken with the late afternoon sunlight streaming in through her front doors.
Ms. Martin's interiors are usually a bit less eclectic than these images convey (click here for examples of that). My guess is that the store may be her muse, a place to let ideas run loose without any design dogma imposing itself.

Window Display on Main Street.

Funkadellic Chandeliers with a beautiful chaise.

Swimmin' with 'da fishes.

Fantastic clear bottled screen. (How can I work this into my kitchen?)

I believe this chair vacationed here.

Vignette #1

Before Todd Murphy was available via mass market through Restoration Hardware, you could find his paintings in Martin's store.

Another groovy vignette. Love the set of inlaid tables.

Same vignette, a few steps back.

The next day, leaving town, we saw Erin's delivery truck parked around back and I had to take a snap. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say officially, I am a design geek. Who else does this?


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