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Peace out

Found on the website of the newly launched interior design magazine Milieu , I love these white painted wooden beads from  Back Row Antiques .  For Southern Californians, you can also find them at  Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach.

Southern California Craftsman at the Beach

My design partner Karin and I recently worked on a Craftsman-style home in Redondo Beach, California.  Below are a few pictures of the space.  Our client is creative and loves celebrating the changing seasons by switching out colors and accessories so she asked for a Great Room in a neutral palette.  The fabrics and wood tones in calm gray, beige and black allow her to change things up when she's ready. The dining room above and below. Below is the family room where we mixed sand-toned upholstery and fabrics with darker toned wood and wrought iron. Below is a detail shot of a sofa pillow in Raoul Textiles' Jaipur India.  The drapery fabric is from Southern California-based Le Gracieux.  We learned a ton about custom-printed linen during this gig.  The bedroom below belongs to an adorable young girl who was very much hands-on during the design process.  She wanted to incorporate bright colors like turquoise and coral so we keep most of the line