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Tim Clarke's take on cane back

As stated on previous posts, there's nothing like the perfect little cane back sofa. Here is another beauty from L.A. designer Tim Clarke's website . It's adorable with the red ticking stripe but would look equally great in simple white denim or a natural linen. Love it.

Rocco Bama

</a My five year old thinks our new President's name is Rocco Bama. I dunno, it just makes me smile...peace

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric

While searching through the Carolina Irving fabrics at Hollywood at Home , I came across this fun fabric designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. It's called Sultan's Suzanni. Unfortunately, my scanner bed is too small to show the entire print but it is fabulous in person. Shannon Marks, one of the welcoming designers at Hollywood at Home, pulled out this photo of the fabric at work. This sofa was created by her next door neighbors at Harbinger . You can see the entire print here. The fabric below, Sultan's Garden, was a contrast pattern from the same collection. Love it too. You can learn more about Martyn Lawrence Bullard by visiting Cote de Texas . Joni always has the scoop! Two other inspiring stores to visit in this enclave of shops are Claremont and Nathan Turner . UPDATE 4/16/09: Martyn Lawrence Bullard now has a website. You can view it by clicking here .

Carolina Irving

Sometimes I wonder what sets a thing in motion. For me, with interior design, it was this room created by Carolina Irving back in 1995. Shown here in Elle Decor from that same year, the room just got to me. I loved the faded watermelon-pink caned back sofa with the periwinkle blue walls. I loved the bohemian quality with a touch of aristocracy: the mix of paintings, the glass decanter collection on the console, the indian fabric, the morocan tiles, the faux bois table lamp (this was 14 years ago people - talk about ahead of the curve) and the clam shell sconce. I'd never seen a clam shell sconce or if I had it wasn't done with such panache. At the time, I had no idea who Ms. Irving was or who she would become. Maybe she hadn't any either? Either way, thanks to her, this room may have change my life in a small but monumental way. Can I say 'design kismet' without sounding corny? When I finally had the ability to buy a similar cane back sofa, I could

Bella Pilar

Aside from the funny family photo cards we received this Christmas, the best traditionally illustrated card we opened was this one. The card, sent from my cousin in Denver, was illustrated by Los Angeles artist, Bella Pilar . According to Bella's bio, "Her strong ties to fashion began with work in visual display and a career as a make-up artist before going on to her true love, illustration. Bella was trained in art and fashion at both FIT in NY and Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. A prolific artist, Bella is writing and illustrating two children's books while working on her art assignments and personal work. Her artwork has appeared in advertising, magazines, POP, fashion, beauty, social expression, tabletop and others. Her artwork has been licensed in both the social expression and home decor industries." Bella's website is full of other great images. Here is a second from a series of painted holiday images. Papyrus produced the cards.