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Flower + Herb Meditative Mandala, for 2020

Looking for a fun project to get your creative ideas flowing for 2020? Here's an idea to raise energy for beauty, wellness and ease, from Athena Perrakis's book, "The Book of Blessings and Rituals." The project shown below, a flower and herb meditative mandala, was made with greenery I'd originally brought inside for the holidays.  The daisies, pussywillow and eucalyptus were all leftover stems and flowers from smaller arrangements.  The pine branches were from our Christmas tree.  The rose quartz and oyster shell I had.  You could use similar objects. For tools, you'll need a pair of scissors. Everything else you can find from your garden or from fallen leaves and branches at a local park.  It's easy to create this mandala in a morning and  also easy on the wallet which is nice after all that holiday spending. This illustration, from Perrakis's book, shows one way to lay things out. Book Illustration, Andrea Henning For my mandal