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Fun Fabrics from Ikea

At $6.99 a yard you cannot go wrong with these fun fabrics from Ikea . They would look great as roman shades in a retro kitchen, or as bedding, curtains, or even pillows in a young person's bedroom. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Great Costumes - "Cheri"

If nothing else, the 2009 film, Chéri , is worth renting for the amazing costumes alone. Below is an interview, from , with the film's costume designer, Consolata Boyle along with some wardrobe clips from the film.

Julius Shulman Documentary - Visual Acoustics

Convair Astronautics - Architects: Pereira & Luckman - 1958, photo: Julius Shulman Dome House - Architect: Bernard Judge - 1962, photo: Julius Shulman Stahl House - Architect: Pierre Koenig - 1960, photo: Julius Shulman The much better writer (and blogger) Kitty Sheehan, from Return to Bohemia brought to my attention this new documentary about the photography and lifework of Julius Shulman. The film is showing in select cities across the U.S. And if you live in L.A., there's still time to catch the film this Saturday and Sunday, November 14th and 15th at Pasadena's Laemmle's Theatre. Below is a bit a copy from the Visual Acoustics website... "Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, VISUAL ACOUSTICS celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world’s greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream. Shulman, who passed away this year, captured the work of nearly every modern and progressive architec

Kathryn Ireland's New Fabric Collections

I love these new textiles from Kathryn Ireland. Not for the faint of color. Safi Suzani - Autumn Safi Suzani - Chocolate Cherr y Safi Suzani - Indigo Passio n Tangier - Brilliant Blu e Fez Palm - Calyps o Casablanca Bubblegum Pink & Sunburst Casablanca - in all colorways Marrakech - Tangel o Click here for more razzle dazzle from Ms. Ireland's collection.

Abbie Cornish channels Audrey Hepburn?

Something about this photo from Ruven Afanador ... Abbie Cornish, Culver City, 2009 made me think of this photo by Richard Avedon ... Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1963 To see more of Avedon's work, check out his portfolio at 

5 Questions / Rose Tarlow, by Mayer Rus

Stephen Simons photo source: LA Times Magazine From Sunday's, 11/1/09, L.A Times Magazine... by Mayer Rus 5 Questions / Rose Tarlow This fall, Rose Tarlow's venerable furniture showroom, Melrose House , moved into the erstwhile home of the Heritage Book Shop on Melrose Avenue, after years on Melrose Place. We asked the legendary designer to weigh in on the new space and the state of her brilliant career. 1. Has the spirit of Melrose House changed now that it's in a different location? There is a buzz of fresh energy. Nothing is more exciting than a new love - be it a house, a project or a friend. Anticipation is exhilarating. I'm even beginning my second book. 2 . What does living graciously mean to you? In one of Dorothy Sayers' delightful Lord Peter Wimsey books, she writes, "Every step he took was a conscious act of enjoyment." Luxury is just a matter of being aware of the beauty that surrounds me at every moment. 3. If you could change