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Off the branch

Soon to be EVVO We had the chance to do a little olive picking last weekend at my cousin's ranch in Northern California. According to sources ( a.k.a. my Uncle Gary ) we picked olives for 3 1/2 days, netting a harvest or 425 pounds translating roughly into 6 gallons of virgin olive oil. Part of the olive crew taking a football break... Seems like a lot of olives for a small return but it also explains why the golden liquid can be so pricey. "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?" There are two main ways to cure olives. Green olives are best cured in lye . (Yes, I said lye) and if you prefer black olives, a salt brine works well. Truckbed olive picker Over the past few months, in addition to defrocking olive trees, my cousins have been working feverishly to ready their new wine tasting room. Below is a glimpse of their labor, but for a much better technicolor-view visit their Date Night website .