St. Helena's Erin Martin & Modern By Design Showcase

I know it's Thursday in blog-land, the highest traffic day of the week, but I've got nothin' for you. Oh sure, I could post on a little bit of this or that but nothing that I've unearthed on my own. Instead I'm going to 'liberate' some photos of San Francisco's 2009 Modern by Design Showcase House and one of its contributing designers, Erin Martin. The photos were taken by Sacramento designer Katie Denham. Don't know how Katie finds the time to get to all these events, with a full time interior design gig and a family, but she does. You can you read her entire and much better post on the showcase house here.

Erin Martin

The 2009 Modern Design Showcase House, located in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood and sponsored by Metropolitan Home, is open to the public through July 12, 2009; from 10am-4pm; weekends only. Ms. Martin was asked to design the lower level of the home. According to Katie D., the bathroom was a show-stopper, in a non-traditional kind of way. See for yourself. Have a look at Ms. Martin's style. I'd venture to say, she's in the club.

Above the daybed, a quote from Plato inscribed into the wall.

Love the skinny flange on this linen slipcover.

Liking the earth tones, stacked legs on the coffee table and groovy table lamp in the back corner.

Holland meets San Francisco

Hallway Pendant from Circa

Is that a water buffalo mounted on the bathroom wall? Why yes, I believe it is.


Love the side table. Not sold on the chair. But go back and look at the headboard on the bed above. The shapes mirror each other. And I do like the textile she used here with the silver nailheads. Gutsy.

Yes, Katie, the bath tile is beautiful. Something tells me you've used it somewhere before?
- all photos: Katie Denham

You can read more about the Showcase House here.

Thanks Katie, for scouting this out for the rest of us.