Can you see the quality of light in our newer, cleaner air?  If you have a pulse, most likely you can.
After nine weeks of quarantine, millions fewer cars and airplanes traversing roads and skies, it's visible to the naked eye and a reminder that, somehow, we need to change the way we do life. The eucalyptus tree in the photo below, I've walked past probably 200 times over the course of 20 years but yesterday it stopped me dead.  Excuse the wonky, crane-necked angle and please consider the crispness of its trunk, leaves, and well, its overall expression. It's literally flowing in space begging us to keep it up.  And what happened to May-Gray? We should be knee-deep into it by now.  Have you noticed?  It went into hiding. I'm no meteorologist but maybe there is a connection.

Bees Don't Care About Covid

They're still doing their thing around here.
It's nice to see some semblance of normal.

Street Cred

A nearby neighbor designed this clever "Safer at Home" art project for her front yard.
The how-to steps are listed below the pictures.

Pick a walkway, driveway or sidewalk.Mark a pattern on the cement with blue painter's tape.Chalk in between the lines with multiple colors.Pull up the tape to see your new sidewalk stained glass design. Here's a video of someone peeling up the painter's tape.  Happy chalking! 

Flower + Herb Meditative Mandala, for 2020

Looking for a fun project to get your creative ideas flowing for 2020?
Here's an idea to raise energy for beauty, wellness and ease, from Athena Perrakis's book, "The Book of Blessings and Rituals."

The project shown below, a flower and herb meditative mandala, was made with greenery I'd originally brought inside for the holidays.  The daisies, pussywillow and eucalyptus were all leftover stems and flowers from smaller arrangements.  The pine branches were from our Christmas tree.  The rose quartz and oyster shell I had.  You could use similar objects.

For tools, you'll need a pair of scissors.
Everything else you can find from your garden or from fallen leaves and branches at a local park.  It's easy to create this mandala in a morning and also easy on the wallet which is nice after all that holiday spending.

This illustration, from Perrakis's book, shows one way to lay things out.

For my mandala's center - the generator - I started with a clean …

Return to Freedom


Everyone Has A Dream

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Holiday Spruce

Looking for a little holiday something, something?

Stop into Design Bakery and check out these Shibori pillows by Brett Barker.

Or these dainty, hand made and shaped ceramic bowls by Gamie K.

To spruce up your own abode, we have a selection of cotton and linen pillows.

Or if you're feeling a bit more hands on,  snag some fabric off our remnant table and create your own gifts.

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