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American Made Monday

Don't know about you but I spend the majority of my weekends catching up on laundry.

Come Sunday, I try to be finished but usually the weekly accumulation of socks, shirts and unmentionables have won the battle and I'm still at it; bleaching, washing, and shouting things out. Is it possible these groovy and Made-in-America laundry carts might make the chore a bit more pleasurable?

From none other than Restoration Hardware, the set of three carts shown above will run about you about $600. Yes, I just said $600, and don't forget the tax. As cute as they are, and as willing as I am to spend more for U.S.-made products, even I think this is a bit of a stretch. The Restoration buyers must have just returned from a week of drinking Painkillers in the BVI when they made this executive decision. But still, they are kind of cool in a, "For the girl who has everything..." kind of way.

Would your laundry fluff and fold itself any faster if it were housed in a room like…

American Made Monday

Fall is coming and the acorns are dropping from the California oak trees.
From tiny acorns come...great furniture design.

For this week's American Made Monday, I'm writing about this beautiful bedroom chest by Guy Chaddock, based in Morganton, North Carolina. The dresser is shown with acorn drawer pulls and brass leaf hardware. Something about this piece makes me a bit nostalgic for my parent's matching bedroom set -- with a little bit of an Asian flair added in (notice the base and legs). The acorn pulls add some whimsy and showcase the overall craftsmanship. The clean lines lend this chest to different interiors: Danish, Asian, Traditional or even Modern. Can you think of another interior where you might use it?

I can't quite explain why this chest calls out to me, other than the fact that it reminds me of my mom and her 1960's country style. It makes me feel good just to look at the photo. Which is why I write about objects in the first place. Certain ob…