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Cinema Style Blog

Film set from Pleasure Crazed (1929) - photo source:

Film set from An American In Paris (1951), photo source -

Film set from The Age of Innocence (1993) - photo source:

Came across this great blog the other day, Cinema Style. Check it out when you have a chance. Above are a few images that caught my eye from recent posts. Love the iron work, and pattern repeat in the background, on Pleasure Crazed.

For more go

Pieces of Happily Ever After

And since we're on a Hollywood jag these days, check out the following novel when you have a chance.

Pieces of Happily Ever After by a Irene Zutell.

Reviews and excerpts here and here.

Kyle Schuneman Live Well Designs

What's a California design blog without a post or two on set design?

Okay...don't answer that.

So let's start shall we with a post on Kyle Schuneman, a talented interior and set designer living in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles. Boyishly cute and weighing in at a mere 24 years of age, Mr. Schuneman's work can be seen on HGTV as well as The Style Network. (Talk about knowing early what you want from life? This young man must have started his design career by rearranging stuffed animals in his crib!)

An inside source sent me these pics of the soon-to-drop November, 2009 Sunset article about Mr. Schuneman's favorite local salvage shops. Hopefully the folks at Time Inc. won't mind too much. The type is small - so click on the images to get the scoop.

Sunset Article: Jennie Nunn, Photos: Joe Schmelzer
Below are photos from Kyle's website. Some are set designs and some are real-life interiors. It's hard to tell the difference.

photo credit: www.…

Joe Schmelzer Photography

If you haven't already checked out the editorial and commercial work of L.A. photographer Joe Schmelzer, here is a sampling below. Mr. Schmelzer's work runs the gamut from portraits to travel to interior design. I've only added a few of his interior shots so if you want to see more click here.

There is something so mesmerizing (and unattainable) about this garage photo.

Yes, take me there!

The famous Chez Jay's bar and restaurant in Santa Monica.

All the rage in L.A. - Kogi Trucks - so I've been told by foodies in the know.

Leave the carbs and a nice tip on the table.

Got Guacamole?

Texture, pattern and mystery.


Mr. Schmelzer himself.

Rachel's Back

photo credit - Photo: Ryland Peters & Small

Read about Ms. Ashwell's second act at Shelter Pop.

Road trip meets backyard design

The smartest design decision we ever made was hiring designer Evan Braun, general contractor Pat Kilroy, and landscape designer Craig Boelsen from Pacific Coast Landscape for a simple and smart backyard remodel.

When your house is a mere 1400 square feet, viable outdoor space becomes key. So about five years ago we embarked on the aforementioned remodel. We wanted to open up the backside of our house to the yard and increase the flow throughout. We live in a shotgun style California Ranch: the living room, dining area and kitchen are all on the west side of the home. The shotgun hallway heads east with three bedrooms and two baths rotating along both sides. I'm not sure what the original architect was thinking when he designed these track homes some 50 years ago because they can be somewhat claustrophobic. I'm sure he was thinking something but what it was exactly is unclear. Anyway, we needed more space and took the big plunge to push out.
The backyard's inspiration …

Fountainhead Revisited

The last day for this architectural drawing exhibit at Edward Cella, in Los Angeles, is this Saturday, October 10th.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, Connecticut, 1946

Shreve, Lamb and Harmon
Zoning Isometric,
34th Street and Fifth Ave, Looking South Empire State Office Building,
New York, 1929

Carlos Diniz
World Trade Center,
View from New West Street, c. 1964

Frank Gehry
Illuminated Drawing, Disney Hall, 2003

Richard Neutra
Aerial Perspective Rendering,
Hammerman Residence, Bel Air, California, 1954

Clate Grunden Illuminations

Seriously fun lighting designed by Clate Grunden.

interior by Tim Clarke

all photos - Joe Schmelzer

More enlightenment here.

Hello Gorgeous

While it's true, summer is essentially over, I'm still loving this lap pool and backyard (or is it a frontyard?) for what I believe is a modified California Ranch, designed by architect, Alla Kozovsky. See the rest of her site here.