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Bailiwick Studio

The credit for this photo belongs to blogger Jill Burgess of Bailiwick Studio in Victorville, California. I love the creative possibilities humming about in this little box. The idea of reaching into this photo and creating something from all these notions is tempting. Of course if you're not the crafty type you can purchase a sachet or bauble from Jill's Etsy site and save yourself a little angst. To read more about Jill, click here .

L.A. Flea Market

Featuring upscale vintage items, antiques and collectibles, the L.A. Flea Market debuts this Sunday at Dodger Stadium. For more information: vintage signs by featured vendor

Flying on Faith

photo taken by Axel Rouvin I like the window seat. Really I do. I've learned to accept turbulence too. "Is this considered bumpy or choppy?" I ask my seasoned travel companion. "Bumpy," he says. "Relax, we're just flying in a cloud." That's when my faith is tested. When the patchwork view of farms and towns 38,000 miles below is obstructed by Cumulonimbus, and I'm forced to sit back and rely on faith. "Just water vapor," I think to myself, "Like riding a wave." The pilots have instruments to get us through this. I know this too, but still I say a little prayer for them and hum that old George Michael song to myself, "Faith." George Michael - Faith [1986] bY ZapMan69 Uploaded by ZapMan69 . - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

California Sunshine

The use of the Sahara Weave grass cloth in this bedroom by California designer, Maya Williams is just a little bit dreamy. And that extra wide, wrap around, nail head detailed headboard on this master bed is something worth diving into. You can view more of Maya's work by clicking here. The wall covering in Straw is available through Ralph Lauren Home.