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Back to Black

For the past few years I've wanted to design a room solely in shades of black and white.  Pulling off that look takes serious editorial skills (not to mention a lot of huevos). When it comes to design, I lean towards the "more is more" philosophy but secretly pine for living with less.   I really love color too: pinks, blues, reds, greens and oranges are my go-to girls, so it's hard to imagine excluding them from the party.  But I've been mulling it over and thinking the time has come for a large dose of black (or very dark chocolate brown) in my ethereal off-white world of sofas, chairs and curtains. Black and white have been fashion staples forever.   Here's Julianna Moore from a few years ago looking fab in traditional houndstooth with a little zebra zing thrown in. New York's Spring 2013 Fashion week was replete with black and white ensembles.  Christina H's blog  deCĂ©lie  has a quick  overview : (runway photo's from

So Much for Gluten-Free

If your first wedding is all about the dress, is the second all about the food? From Los Angeles based Patina Restaurant Group comes Patina Wedding events with scrumptious looking cakes for first, second or third-time honeymooners.  Hey, someone has to keep the economy rolling. all photos - patina wedding Patina Wedding has great tablescapes too, so check out their website for inspiration.   My favorite is the Disney Concert Hall wedding where the bride's dress, cake and floral details echo the architectural lines of Frank Gehry's building.  Photographed by  Luminaire Images

Feed your soul at Healdsburg's Shed

Stop into Healdsburg's  Shed  and you won't be disappointed. From the urban-meets-Aggie architecture to the tempting displays, Shed has great things to see, touch, and taste.    Scroll down for a visual primer beginning with one of Shed's cardboard postcards, lending a clue about their mission.  illustration by Caitlyn Galloway Shed's exterior with a blast of mid-morning light. Off the curb and into the patio for a coffee with fresh milk.  (Did I see a cow hitched up around back?) A nd then through the front door for a theatrical entrance.   High ceilings with sun streaming in, fresh local produce, baked goods, cheese and wine.    Past the artisan groceries and snacks are practical displays for the chic farmer... Check out these clever wall hooks made from cut branches. More supplies in the outdoor garden space We loved this wreath made from olive branche