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The Cutest House on the Street

Friends and neighbors all agree that Melissa and Scott Williams' home is hands down one of the most stylish in the Hollywood Riviera. It's easy to understand why since Scott is a general contractor and Melissa, well, she was just born with the design gene. The Torrance, California ranch house they call home is actually the same house where Scott grew up. When Scott's father was ready to retire and relocate, Scott couldn't think of a better place to live. So a few years back he purchased his childhood home and began planning a remodel. Treading gently, the Williams updated the facade and interiors with deft hands and keen eyes. Changes started at the entrance, where sidelights were added to the old front door which was transformed via Scott's carpentry skills into a dutch door painted glossy black. dutch door front entrance Once inside, the house has a traditional yet beachy vibe with a color palette of white, cream, sand, sea foam, chocolate brown and s

Pierre Koenig, Case Study House #21

photo from 1st dibs As the sun sets behind Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21, another summer weekend comes to an end. And just in case you're wondering, I believe that's a 356A Porsche Speedster parked in the drive. Both the house and car were designed/released in 1957.

Riviera Views

For those lucky enough to live in the Hollywood Riviera with an ocean view, here's what they see on a day like today. Happy summer. Northwest view from Calle Mirama r Northwest view from Calle Mayor  Northwest  view from Paseo de la Playa.   That's the Santa Monica Mountain Range across the bay. Above photos from here ...

Erin Martin & Michael Duté

Michael Duté- photo Alan Weintraub So it goes with blogging. Call it design kismet. Write about someone (or something) and you start to see that person's work unexpectedly in other places. Last week I wrote about the talented Erin Martin (whose work I'd never seen before), and this week, when I opened up the August, 2009 issue of House Beautiful there was an article about another home Ms. Martin had recently finished in Marin County. This new house is a wonderful confection created with tranquil colors and dreamy details. But actually, that's not what I want to post about. What I want to post about is the artist, Michael Duté, that Ms. Martin hired to hand paint the wall murals in the Marin home. Heralding from San Francisco, Mr. Duté 's work is delicate and beautiful. Here's a snippet about Mr. Duté taken from California Wine Country . Below are two photos from the HB spread. The first is a dining room where the chinoiserie wallpaper is completely d

My Virtual Living Room - Part II

Bare with me. I'm still thinking about, and adding to, my virtual living room. I'd also have to have some version of these linen sheer panels from Romo flanking the windows. Jeez, they're beautiful.

My Virtual Living Room

Enough fantasizing. For those of you who've actually been to my house, you know I'm constantly rearranging my living room. Most of my major furniture pieces have lived in that room for 10 years, give or take. But if I were to win the Lottery tomorrow here's what I'd do. Starting from the bottom up. Our floors are those honey colored pine slats from the 50's. There's not much changing them so that's my jumping off point. I'd lay down a jute rug similar to this one. It has that earthy texture with a bit of softness woven in, which can be hard to come by in a natural rug. cut pile jute rug from Pottery Barn Or this amazing cowhide creation from The Rug Company....Imagine how that would feel after a hard day's night. Cowhide Flower White The sofa would be this eight-way-hand-tied linen beauty from Brooke and Steve Giannetti... Courtney Sofa from Giannetti Home Across from the sofa, a pair of these mid-century mod chairs found on Brad Ford