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Gehry Deconstructed - Part II

More photos of Frank Gehry's deconstructed Benson house.  This time you're seeing views of and from the master bedroom and loft studio.    photo credit - riviera view

Gehry Deconstructed

All photos by Larry Underhill, of the L.A. Times.  S ketch is by Frank Gehry . Can you imagine owning a house where the main living quarters and sleeping quarters are separated by an outdoor passageway?  Even in sunny Southern California where the days are warm but evenings are sometimes chilly? That's exactly the idea that Frank G eh ry explored when designing this contemporary residence, the Benson House.  Located in the Santa Monica Mountain range with views of rolling hills and the valley below , this historic landmark home is on the market for the first time.  Built in 198 1, w ith two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a loft/work space she's listed at $895,000. Designed for nature l over s : p arkas and m ukluks sold sep arate ly. T o learn more about this home, click here .