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Shelton Huts

Last summer, during a small interior remodel, we lived in a tent in our back yard.  Yep, you read that right.  After 18 years of scuffing up the floors and running into the walls, our house had turned into the  Annie  of the street.  Cute, but in need of a blow-out and a new pair of Chucks.  Searching the internet, I bought a small house of a tent, we walked 10 steps into our backyard and moved in.  Friends would stop by under the auspices of checking on the remodel but really, I think, wanting to see the tent.  They couldn't believe it.  The number one comment we got from men checking things out, "My wife would never go for that."  And from women, a variation on the theme, "Not in a million years." We packed up our belongings, except for our mattresses which landed in the tent, and put everything else in storage.  The plan was to refinish the floors, paint the walls, update a small bathroom and quickly wave a wand over our modest kitchen.  All of the above wa