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American Made Monday

According to her Archival Decor website, Michelle Pattee's artwork and pillows are, "...hand made locally in California."  With a vast selection of organic hemp and velvet pillow designs to choose from, I think the two below are my favorites -- for today anyway. See more for yourself.  Click here . 

Vintage Chic

What's the quickest way to update or overhaul a space? Designers frequently say that a coat of paint offers immediate impact. For me, using textiles is also a natural choice because texture and colorful patterns can evoke strong feelings that accent a new paint scheme. To that end, the following images are from L.A. designer Pat McGann's shop in the La Cienega Design Quarter . Pat mixes vintage and new fabrics, rugs and furniture to create comfortable and slightly exotic spaces. I hope you like these photos taken of her L.A. store.  To learn more about Pat's design, textiles and antiques, click here . all photos- riviera view In the above room, I love tthe mixture of masculine and feminine notes.

Dan Janotta

Below is an interview with painter and architect, Dan Janotta, who recently spoke with Riviera View about his painting process. Hermosa Walk Street RV: When did you begin painting? DJ: As an architect, I’m exposed daily to traditional design and digital graphic applications. While pursuing my bachelor and graduate degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign I also learned traditional approaches to art. As students, we were required to have some watercolor and figure painting classes and I’ve always been a good illustrator and liked drawing by hand so I was never afraid of it. Weave Bookcase In the 90s, I began designing furniture and was quite successful. I had a gallery on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach called Janotta Furniture and we also showed in galleries in San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale. Furniture design was a good creative outlet, but it was expensive because I had to pay someone to build my designs. Back then a prototype