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American Made Monday

Tan Tribute Blanket, 62" x 72" - Made in the U.S.A.

same as above

Gatekeeper Blanket, 64" x 80" - Made in the U.S.A.

Coral Tribute Blanket, 64" x 72" - Made in the U.S.A.

If it's cold in your neck of the woods then these American-made blankets from Pendleton U.S.A. will heat things up. The bright colors mixed with a cowgirl motif make them fun while their 82% wool, 18% cotton blend make them toasty-warm on a winter's night.

Originally, I learned about these country-style blankets from the online store, Patina but if you want to find a veritable cornucopia of American-made products, just search "Made in the U.S.A." directly on the Pendleton website.

Paint Shoot Paint

Looking for a view of the Pacific Ocean from an artist's perspective? If so, be sure to check out the original oils of local painters Jeff Honea and Rob Waxman -- along with the photography of Brent Broza at Riley Arts Gallery in Manhattan Beach.

The show is open to the public Saturday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 4th, 2011. Don't miss it.

Lucky Charms

Mandara duvet and shams from Serena and Lily

Geometric shapes are definitely a design trend these days and one symbol that keeps resurfacing is the quatrefoil. Based on the geometry of a clover, with four equidistant and equal-sized circles slightly overlapping each other, the quatrefoil can be seen in many design applications.

images from Wikipedia

Suzanne Kassler's line for Ballard brought the quatrefoil to the attention of the design masses (i.e., me) but the shape is omnipresent in many retail tiers.

Ballard's indoor/outdoor rug

I love the calming balance it provides to a piece or space. Here are a few more examples...

From Ironies, a four poster bed whose headboard includes a quatrefoil design

From Van Cleef and Arpels,
the Vintage Alhambra wrist watch (wrap it up, please!)

This Lawson wall mounted sconce, from Waterworks

a funky quatrefoil pendant chandelier (I think this was from Ballard's?)

Quatra Table from Serena & Lily
(I believe this is discontinued)

A modern interpret…

Design Miss M.

one of Midler's many iconic mermaid costumes

Better known as the Divine Miss M., Bette Midler is auctioning off her collection of costumes, jewelry and memorabilia this morning at Julien's Auction House in Beverly Hills. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the New York Restoration Project, founded by Midler in 1995.

furniture up for bidding:
two island-themed needlepoint chairs

To see the complete catalog of auction items click here.

Lady Liberty

There are some amazing outfits to be had. Bidding begins in 1 minute!

American Made Monday - correction

Love this Rustic Console table from Wisteria which according to the website is made in the USA. Correction: Much to my dismay this console is actually made in...China!

So...below is another Wisteria piece that is made in America (no, really). Aside from the clean lines, tape and nailhead detailing, what's nice about the Sleek and Simple sofa is its depth -- at 39 inches. Oftentimes with studio-sized sofas the depth gets compromised but with this design, there is plenty of room to slide back and relax.

Spruce TV Upholstery

Do you have an old, tired chair sitting in the corner of your room begging to be reupholstered? And have you thought to yourself, "I could do it. I could find some fantastic fabric, pull the chair apart, put it back together again, tap in a few brass nail heads and make it sing."

But then that chair, she just sits there collecting memories.

Well, this video from the girls at SpruceTV might inspire you to take the dive.

Check it.

Rose Tarlow and One Kings Lane

Mark your iPhones and Blackberries for tomorrow evening,
Thursday, November 3rd.

We've been invited to
an evening of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at
Rose Tarlow's Melrose House
for the Tastemaker sale with
One Kings Lane
which goes live at 5:30 p.m.

Your hosts and hostesses will be equipped with iPads
to assist with online shopping.
Please RSVP to

To view a few of the many items for sale,
scroll down past the invitation.

Signature Rose Tarlow Bookcase

Chapman Chair

Georgina Ribbon Arm Chair

Henley Barstool - Love this!

Walden Floor Lamp - so sweet!

Japanese Coffee Table

Hatfield Cabinet - this is my favorite!!