5 Questions / Rose Tarlow, by Mayer Rus

Stephen Simons photo source: LA Times Magazine

From Sunday's, 11/1/09, L.A Times Magazine...
by Mayer Rus

5 Questions / Rose Tarlow

This fall, Rose Tarlow's venerable furniture showroom, Melrose House, moved into the erstwhile home of the Heritage Book Shop on Melrose Avenue, after years on Melrose Place. We asked the legendary designer to weigh in on the new space and the state of her brilliant career.

1. Has the spirit of Melrose House changed now that it's in a different location?

There is a buzz of fresh energy. Nothing is more exciting than a new love - be it a house, a project or a friend. Anticipation is exhilarating. I'm even beginning my second book.

2. What does living graciously mean to you?

In one of Dorothy Sayers' delightful Lord Peter Wimsey books, she writes, "Every step he took was a conscious act of enjoyment." Luxury is just a matter of being aware of the beauty that surrounds me at every moment.

3. If you could change anything about L.A....?

The billboards - I'd get rid of them all.

4. Do you have a dream job?

I'd love to design a tiny hotel, from architecture to the sheets on the beds.

5. If taste could be legislated, what's the first thing you'd outlaw?

Bad taste is when you are consciously unkind to others. Good taste is what we all have when we recognize what we like.

To read more about Ms. Tarlow, click here.


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