My Virtual Living Room

Enough fantasizing.

For those of you who've actually been to my house, you know I'm constantly rearranging my living room. Most of my major furniture pieces have lived in that room for 10 years, give or take. But if I were to win the Lottery tomorrow here's what I'd do.

Starting from the bottom up.

Our floors are those honey colored pine slats from the 50's. There's not much changing them so that's my jumping off point. I'd lay down a jute rug similar to this one. It has that earthy texture with a bit of softness woven in, which can be hard to come by in a natural rug.

Or this amazing cowhide creation from The Rug Company....Imagine how that would feel after a hard day's night.

The sofa would be this eight-way-hand-tied linen beauty from Brooke and Steve Giannetti...

Courtney Sofa from Giannetti Home

Across from the sofa, a pair of these mid-century mod chairs found on Brad Ford's website. While they come from different eras, I think the sofa and chairs work together because both the lines and the colors are similar. Plus, because they're a bit unexpected, they add some humor and lightness to the space.

For a coffee table, I'd use this woven bench from Pottery Barn.
I know, I know, the turned legs are a bit traditional for the mostly modern lines in the room but just wait until you see them together. It works.

Como Bench

Every living room needs a TV console. In this room I'd use this teak Pacifica Buffet from Crate and Barrel.

For side tables, I'd use these little guys next to the sofa or between the chairs.

Rustic side tables from P.B.

For Floor lamps, I'd go to Circa. Two of these flanking the sofa would do nicely.

Column Form Floor Lamp

Toss in this print by Mark Rothko as you're greeted at the front door. All that orange is a lot of color for some people, but with all the neutrals in the room, I'd want a nice pop as I entered.

No. 1 Untitled Royal Red and Blue

Somehow, I'd work in this pattern by Kim Parker. It's shown here as a rug but if I could find it as a print I'd hang it on the wall.

Accessories...I'd pull in the steely blue colors in the Amelie print. Something like this Block Print pillow from Room and Board.

and this Blue Luster Vase from Crate.

For wall paint, I'm leaning towards a warm white. Any suggestions?

You can see all the elements together below.



Unknown said…
A+ on the choices. I approve. ;-)
thanks daddy-o
Diana said…
Oh, the things you could do with Cedar Knoll!! If only we owned it...
Someone HAS to win the lottery one of these days! It might as well be you two. Then we'll talk.


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