Erin Martin & Michael Duté

Michael Duté- photo Alan Weintraub

So it goes with blogging. Call it design kismet. Write about someone (or something) and you start to see that person's work unexpectedly in other places.

Last week I wrote about the talented Erin Martin (whose work I'd never seen before), and this week, when I opened up the August, 2009 issue of House Beautiful there was an article about another home Ms. Martin had recently finished in Marin County. This new house is a wonderful confection created with tranquil colors and dreamy details.

But actually, that's not what I want to post about. What I want to post about is the artist, Michael Duté, that Ms. Martin hired to hand paint the wall murals in the Marin home. Heralding from San Francisco, Mr. Duté's work is delicate and beautiful.

Here's a snippet about Mr. Duté taken from California Wine Country.

Below are two photos from the HB spread. The first is a dining room where the chinoiserie wallpaper is completely done by hand. The second scan is a detail of the wall. The photo doesn't do the pattern justice but hopefully you'll be able to appreciate the level of skill and patience involved to create the intricate cherry blossom design. It's pure genius.

"In the dining room, a mahogany heirloom was dramatically recast with a glossing of ivory paint...Cushions and seat backs for the Vineyard chairs from Ironies, are covered in Carma, an embroidered fabric by Bergamo. Pipa Bowl chandelier is from Oly." - House Beautiful

Detail of dining room wall executed by Michael Duté.

HB photos - Luca Trovato

You can see more of Michael's work here.

If you get a chance pick up a copy of this month's House Beautiful to see Ms. Martin's Marin home in its entirety.


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