Feed your soul at Healdsburg's Shed

Stop into Healdsburg's Shed and you won't be disappointed. From the urban-meets-Aggie architecture to the tempting displays, Shed has great things to see, touch, and taste.    Scroll down for a visual primer beginning with one of Shed's cardboard postcards, lending a clue about their mission.

 illustration by Caitlyn Galloway

Shed's exterior with a blast of mid-morning light.

Off the curb and into the patio for a coffee with fresh milk.  (Did I see a cow hitched up around back?) And then through the front door for a theatrical entrance.  

High ceilings with sun streaming in, fresh local produce, baked goods, cheese and wine. 


Past the artisan groceries and snacks are practical displays for the chic farmer...

Check out these clever wall hooks made from cut branches.

More supplies in the outdoor garden space

We loved this wreath made from olive branches.

Here's my cousin Suzanne checking out the construction and thinking, "I bet I can make this myself!"

 The simple packaging is in keeping with the spirit of the store.

But wait, there's more. For special events, head upstairs to the humble and lofty grange, a meeting room/auditorium with an accompanying kitchen, retracting garage doors, and industrial strength ceiling fans for hot summer days.

At the end of our visit, we left with crisp, sweet apples and tangy mandarin oranges
but my favorite non-edible items were these delicate paper garlands by Theresa Weller.  
So cool.

To learn more about Shed and to see additional pictures of the grange, click here.

all photos - alixe morehouse


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind compliments about my paper flower garlands! I always appreciate notice by bloggers, and have certainly enjoyed perusing yours...a big thumbs up.
Theresa Weller

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