American Made Monday

Check out these heavenly linen products from Rough Linen.  Based in San Francisco, they use natural linen
to design basic but beautiful products.  To learn more about the company's CEO, click here:

All photos from rough linen website.

I would make good use of the pinafore (third photo down), and of course, the daily view from the last photo wouldn't be so bad.

 duvet cover

nautical linen curtains called St. Barts, made of mid-weight linen

 pinafore: a pocket for keys, a pocket for your phone

 practical and smashing


I want the bed linens and the swinging bed! Beautiful.
Unknown said…
I love California too! I'm currently in Chico, but have lived both in LA and the bay areas. Love the whole vibe of your blog and these linens are incredible. I simply want that bed-amazing!
Cheers, Heather

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