Live-work Townhouse in L.A.

For Lease

"(This) three-level unit in an Arts District building dated to 1906 features exposed brick walls and steel beams, skylights, clerestory windows, wide plank wood floors, vaulted ceilings, a patio, a rooftop terrace and an open floorplan."  - the L.A. Times, 4/15/12

all photos - from here

And did I mention that Diane Keaton is the owner who, on a side note, has a film opening this month, "Darling Companion."

To learn more about the listing, click here.


woww great post good luck..
Its the details of our lives I think that in some respects make the impact. Its only once in a while the big picture matters. I loves these photos of the details.
*Chic Provence* said…
Well I love Diane Keaton but this doesn't seem like her style at all!

Hope you're having a great summer!

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