Vintage Chic

What's the quickest way to update or overhaul a space? Designers frequently say that a coat of paint offers immediate impact. For me, using textiles is also a natural choice because texture and colorful patterns can evoke strong feelings that accent a new paint scheme. To that end, the following images are from L.A. designer Pat McGann's shop in the La Cienega Design Quarter. Pat mixes vintage and new fabrics, rugs and furniture to create comfortable and slightly exotic spaces. I hope you like these photos taken of her L.A. store.  To learn more about Pat's design, textiles and antiques, click here.

all photos- riviera view

In the above room, I love tthe mixture of masculine and feminine notes.


Jg Ar said…
I like the patterns and the design of the fabrics! Colorful and playful.

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