That Other Riviera

In the distance, a view of the Pacific to the Southwest
and new construction in the foreground

In Southern California, there aren't many opportunities to own a home with a view of the Pacific unless you're willing to unleash a hefty down payment and leverage your child's college tuition fund. So when I ran across a full page ad in Santa Barbara magazine for brand new home construction with plans in both Spanish or Craftsman styling, designed by an established architect, at a reasonable* price, I had to get into the car and drive. Call me...obsessed. Yep, I think that's the right word.

Last Sunday morning, my son and I packed some snacks, filled up the tank, drove past our fellow parishioners at church (I doubt they read this blog, so not to worry!) and headed North.

Instead of taking the freeway from our part of town, we took what most would consider the long way: the Coast Highway. But it was a beautiful Sunday and we were rewarded with lush views of Malibu's rolling hills, clear skies and the deep blue Pacific Ocean anchored on our left.

Once we arrived, and after an al fresco lunch on State Street we headed up to the aforementioned development, Bella Riviera. Now a house tour for an eight-year-old is, let's be honest, pure torture but mine took it in stride with his Nintendo DS in hand and the promise of ice cream on the back end.

All I can say is that the magazine ad actually lived up to its promise. The development, while still under construction had three models open to the public all with nice views of the Pacific. Here are a few interior photos...

master bedroom

master bedroom

master bedroom

dining area

Due to upgrades and appointments the model home asking prices are higher than the 600K advertised , but the overall feeling is quite inviting and if you are considering a Santa Barbara town home, this development is a contender.

The above photos were taken with an iphone - so if you are at all intrigued, check things out with your own eyes and ask for sales associate Arrianne Sandera (a former Manhattan Beach resident). She was very helpful and knowledgeable.

* open to debate by most Midwestern standards. :)


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