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Mandara duvet and shams from Serena and Lily

Geometric shapes are definitely a design trend these days and one symbol that keeps resurfacing is the quatrefoil. Based on the geometry of a clover, with four equidistant and equal-sized circles slightly overlapping each other, the quatrefoil can be seen in many design applications.

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Suzanne Kassler's line for Ballard brought the quatrefoil to the attention of the design masses (i.e., me) but the shape is omnipresent in many retail tiers.

I love the calming balance it provides to a piece or space. Here are a few more examples...

From Ironies, a four poster bed whose headboard includes a quatrefoil design

From Van Cleef and Arpels,
the Vintage Alhambra wrist watch (wrap it up, please!)

This Lawson wall mounted sconce, from Waterworks

a funky quatrefoil pendant chandelier (I think this was from Ballard's?)

Quatra Table from Serena & Lily
(I believe this is discontinued)

A modern interpretation is seen below in the Kat Rug, found at One King's Lane.

The quatrafoil is sometimes combined with a square layered within the circles as seen in this pillow design from Nina Von.

The photo below is of the new Palos Verdes boutique Marea and if you look closely at the left counter you'll see the quatrefoil trellis embossed along the sides.

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The omnipresent Quatrefoil.
Can you think of other places this pattern is used?


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