Hermosa Beach Murals Project

Cruise down Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach and you may catch a glimpse of Chris Coakley creating the second in a series of ten murals for the City of Hermosa Beach Murals Project. The mural is a compilation of historic buildings and street scenes from Hermosa Beach circa 1909. Look closely to see Hermosa's first residence, the Hill House mingling with the Cross Church and the Red Car Depot.

detailed section

coming soon...the return of the the Red Car

detailed section

The man behind the brush, Chris Coakley

Back to work

A long-time HB resident, Coakley, who is also a fine artist and film studio muralist, has spent the past three weeks blocking in and painting the design. He says it'll take a month before it's a wrap.

To see more of Coakley's amazing set work click here and here.


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