American-Made Monday

Strata Rug

photo - Riviera View

Want the look of sisal with the softness of silk and wool?

The hand-knotted 'Strata' rug from Quatrine in Manhattan Beach might fit the bill.
The rug has the casual look associated with sisals and seagrass without the scratchy 'hand' underfoot. The silk-fringed-threads give Strata a little shine and softness, while the contrasting wool knots keep things natural and even somewhat therapeutic. Imagine feeling a mini foot massage while walking barefoot through your living room and you'll understand part of this rug's allure.

photo - Riviera View

Not all shopkeepers like to reveal their vendor sources so what I do know is that the rug is made, "...somewhere on the East Coast." The Strata comes in at least two color ways: beige-ivory (shown above) and a darker beige-brown. If you desire durability (who doesn't?), Quatrine's design consultant Kristin Schwab says that over the past few months this American-made rug weathered well on their showroom floor withstanding many curious and sandy feet.

photo source - Kristin Schwab


it's a pitty, the source is not being revealed

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