American-Made Monday, a Bridesmaid's Tale

This American-Made-Monday has a wedding twist.

If you need a bedroom accessory update but don't want to spend a bundle how about rifling through your closet for those singularly-worn bridesmaid dresses and turning them into pillows? (Come on, you know you'll never wear them again.) That's exactly what we decided to do with a bridesmaid dress that belonged to my step-daughter, Lauren. The wedding was two years ago this summer and the dress has taken up valuable closet space ever since. "Let's turn that lavender gown into a pillow," I suggested? And she said, "Sure. Why not?" So here are the bridesmaids before the big night and below them, well, that's the dress reincarnated as a pillow.

Let's get this party started!

Did I sew it myself? I wish I could say yes but actually the folks at Ye Olde Upholstery Shoppe in Santa Monica handled those daunting details. I love how the pleating turned out.

I chose a chocolate velvet trim and dark wooden button to add some visual interest to the satin.

And here it rests on my bed. Eventually it will land back with its original owner.
Made (or re-purposed) in America.


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