Ani Young Jewelry

Decisions, decisions: Citrin or Blue Topaz?

What's not to love about these shimmering Tahitian pearl necklaces from Ani Young Jewelry? Ani's designs are delicate and beautiful much like the designer herself. Artfully crafting jewelry designs for the past 17 years, Ani's pieces have sold in Barney's New York. Her pieces are also available directly through her Etsy site. To see more of Ani's work, click here.

For the next week or so, Ani will be touring California with private trunk shows.

And by the way, Ani and I go waaay back, so far back as a matter of fact that I'm not doing the math for you. So... The $100,000 question is: why does she look so much younger? Maybe now that Ani lives in Hawaii, it has something to do with all that fresh South Pacific air? Hmmmm....


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