What Becomes a Legend Most?

L.A interior designer Rose Tarlow recently reopened her furniture shop, Melrose House in a hip, new Los Angeles location, 8545 Melrose Place, not so very far from her older legendary spot in the same neighborhood.

Back in the day the new space was the Heritage Bookstore. Nowadays the building is home to Rose's fabulous collection of home furnishings. Entering off Melrose Place through the double french doors you'll find a shop filled with warmth and light. The case goods lead you into the central room and the upholstery asks you to sit down and stay awhile. Moving into and through the foyer you are greeted by the vignette below. Glimpse left or right to see rooms wrapping around corners in either direction.

all photos - riviera view

"Earthy" is the trend these days and Rose seems to be well aware of that. Relaxed finishes and wheat-toned fabrics dominate the scene playing off the white walls, the soaring farmhouse ceiling and Rose's signature Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) potted plants.

Flanking the entrance is an impressive pair of French Cabinets.

Past the French Cabinets is this Library Step. My camera didn't do it justice so I've included a link to it on the Melrose House website here.

Keep moving forward and you'll see a modern nod to art deco in this room with the crescent shaped Devon coffee table and black pentagon print drawn by Rose.

New to the store is an entire room dedicated to a lighting collection. This whimsical bronze Bird lamp was my favorite.

Around the bend there was a beautiful little caned back sofa, a.k.a. the Parliament Settee, with padded arms, a bench cushion and linen slips.

The unique Windsor coffee table pulled out in either direction to extend and contract. In this room you'll notice the color green used as an accent which is another Tarlow signature.

There was this beautiful occasional chair called the Arabesque. It would look great with a vanity or even a bureau. Don't you see Diane Keaton sitting in this chair behind her writing desk in "Something's Gotta Give?"

I had to take a picture of this table for Joni at
Cote de Texas. Joni exposed me to the iconic Nantucket table when she wrote about it here in 2008.

Below you see Melrose House's knowledgeable and welcoming marketing manager, Victoria Dyer showing off a little leg on the Sphinx armchair. Instead of leaving the wooden leg exposed, Rose upholstered it with the same striped linen fabric as the chair.

The pristine fabric room located on the second floor.

A collection of swatches pulled together by Victoria Dyer. Linens, leathers, and cottons in neutral...


and red tones.

Finally, a view of the first floor from a second floor balcony.

What can I add that hasn't already been written about this store? It really is a beautiful and inspirational place with a superior staff that makes you feel at ease.

To learn more about Rose Tarlow design pick up a copy of her book, The Private House. For store information click here.


cotedetexas said…
Thanks so much for the shoutout!
I love that table - so beautiful.

I can't wait to go see the new space. The last time I was in LA, Tarlow was still at her old spot, which was beautiful too!

Your blog is so pretty!!!!!

Thanks again,
Lila said…
Gorgeous! I love all of the furniture. It's clearly well made and the designs are awesome!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets
Anonymous said…

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