Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

Just ran across this website for on-the-beach cottage rentals that also happen to be part of the California State Park system. Something tells me this could be a very well kept secret. Has anyone ever 'camped' here? Can you give a review?


Please! take that off your site it is a secret and it's the best old California ever. I'm kidding of course about taking if off the site but with that said, it's really hard to get a reservation. A year in advance if your lucky. It's cheap, on the beach, funky, wonderful I was in Heaven, even the little mouse in the kitchen didn't bother me. I was a kid again in a fishing shack.
Angie said…
Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag!! I'll be booking for whenever they have an opening!! It looks beautiful!
Thanks Kevin for the comments. I was wondering if it was too good to be true but now we know it's the real deal! Did you hear that everyone? Now, ssshhhhhhhhhh!

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