Joe Schmelzer Photography

If you haven't already checked out the editorial and commercial work of L.A. photographer Joe Schmelzer, here is a sampling below. Mr. Schmelzer's work runs the gamut from portraits to travel to interior design. I've only added a few of his interior shots so if you want to see more click here.

There is something so mesmerizing (and unattainable) about this garage photo.

Yes, take me there!

The famous Chez Jay's bar and restaurant in Santa Monica.

All the rage in L.A. - Kogi Trucks - so I've been told by foodies in the know.

Leave the carbs and a nice tip on the table.

Got Guacamole?

Texture, pattern and mystery.


Mr. Schmelzer himself.


Kitty Sheehan said…
I really like the simplicity of these photos.

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