San Juan Canvas

My High School friend, Lauren Cohen, and her husband, Derek Steere, own and operate San Juan Canvas, a marine canvas and sailmaking company located in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Aside from making all things boat related (don't ask me the details, I wouldn't know Port from Starboard) she makes these great canvas bags from sail remnants.

Here's a little copy from the San Juan Canvas website:

San Juan Canvas bags are handmade right here at our marine canvas shop in the Port of Friday Harbor. Our unique bags are made from leftover canvas and sailcloth, turning scrap material into useful and beautiful products. Each bag is custom made in just the colors and size you want it. Sailcloth bags can have numbers or letters that have special meaning. Recycled sailcloth can be used as well.

You can learn more about these eco-friendly and adorable bags here.


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