My Mom

Kathleen Tugwell Francuch

Aside from being a wife and mother of two, my mom was a talented painter and fashion illustrator.
One day I'll post some of her drawings.
I promise.

If she were to describe herself she'd likely use these adjectives:

painfully shy
and (although she'd have a hard time admitting this) stylish!

It's hard for me to be objective, but from a child's perspective she was beautiful too.

Five years ago today my mother passed away...and it seems like yesterday.

Wherever you are, mom, I love you and miss you.


Kitty Sheehan said…
I only know you from our blogging friendship, but I would say many of those words you used to describe your mom would also describe you.
And how beautiful she is in this picture.
I'm sorry I didn't see this on the day you posted it.
Such a hard day.
(My mom passed away in 06, and it truly does seem like yesterday just as you said.)
I was looking at some photos of some kids she loved and upon seeing how much they've grown since she died, I sobbed once again.
I'm overwhelmed with how much I miss her at the most random times.
Thanks for sharing.
thanks for those kind words. I would try to write a profound reply but the lump in my throat prevents the synapses in my brain from transferring the message.
- Yes, it's the random moments that catch me by surprise too. And then I find myself saying hello to her, even though I know she's not really in the room.

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