Can we turn this outfit into a room?

The colors and textures in this outfit from Marina Rinaldi say Fall 2009 in a big way.

After staring at this photo for a bit, I wondered how it would look translated into a room. All these rich textures -- the fur, the suede skirt, the patent leather boots, the crisp cotton blouse and buttons, the matte tights -- lend to a cozy crash pad. Finally, the linen chair and the marble background add a little old school air. Tie in the deep purple with the yellow and you have a great fall color combination. I really loved it, so I decided to take a stab at it as a bohemian bedroom.

To start, let's layer in this contemporary 6x9 wool rug.

Kira Plum from Crate and Barrel

For the bed, something simple in wrought iron.

Avery bed from Pottery Barn

The room would need a dresser.

Avery Chest from Crate and Barrel

We'd need a place to zip up our boots, right? So how about an upholstered linen bench at the foot of the bed (but change the nail heads from silver to brass).

Colette - from Crate

a couple of side tables...

from Crate

Decker Bookshelf from Anthropologie

On top of our dresser, we'd need this to help us feel beautiful after a long night out...

from Anthropologie

These frames too. A bit more gold but not too much.
Bali Frames - from Oly

A little ambience created with these pendants...
Tea Bowl Lanterns, Anthropologie

and this clock/mirror

Convex Clock Mirror - from Restoration Hardware

For bedding, these crisp sheets...

Etienne from Crate

This silk pillow bumps things up a notch especially since we need what's next.

House Pillow - from Oly

To pull in the fur coat, this faux throw. It's a tad cheesy but we need it, don't you think?

Aubergine throw, from Z Gallery

Top it off with a little tonalistic art...

So here she is again...

And here's everything pulled together in the room.


Kitty Sheehan said…
I love it when you do that.
And that outfit is gorgeous.
I'm going to adapt it somehow.
thanks ks, :) me too, the outfit.

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