Thom Mayne

This could be cool...

From the LA Film Festival Website:

Thom Mayne in Conversation with Frederick Elmes
Conversations and Talks
(60 mins)
Directed By: Thom Mayne

Fri, Jun 19th 7:00pm
James Bridges Theater

Pritzker prize-winning architect Thom Mayne, founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the renowned architectural firm Morphosis, comes to the Festival to share his passion for space, light, and cinema in a conversation with award-winning cinematographer Frederick Elmes (Blue Velvet, Synecdoche, New York). - from The Morphosis site

Images of his Morphosis' work below. Let's start with a California structures, shall we?

San Francisco Federal Building.

Cal Trans (sans the orange vests) Downtown L.A., photographer: Roland Halbe

Crawford Residence, Montecito, California, photographer: Kim Zwarts

Venice Beach House, photographer: Richard Barnes

same house, bath - photographer: Tom Bonner

Moving East

Cooper Union - NYC, photographer: Iwan Baan

another angle, photo - Julieta Cervantes

2012 Olympic Village bid - Hunter's Point, Queens, NY, New York

As I've said before about prolific artists, these images are just the tip of the ice burg. More here.


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