George Smith Gets Hip

Loving these George Smith upholstery pieces dressed in Raoul Textiles designed by Sally McQuillan.

George Smith Medium Short Scroll Arm Chair in Zoo Dance Cocoa


Raoul Gilberte swatch - Coral

George Smith Dahl Chair with seat cushion in Gilberte - Coral


Raoul Stella - Cardamon swatch
Dahl Chair in Stella - Cardamon


Raoul Tie Dye - Olivine

George Smith Georgian Chair with Seat Cushion in Tie Dye - Olivine


Raoul Dominic - OlivineGeorge Smith Standard Stool 36" * 48" in Dominic - Olivine


Raoul Jimpy's Papaya - Cardamon
George Smith Jules Sofa with Seat Cushion in Jimpy's Papaya - Cardamon

I'm a bit of sofa junkie and absolutely love the Jules sofa shown here. Tight back, bench cushion, English arm, turned legs with a modern fabric - doesn't get much better than that for me.


Raoul Congo - Cardamon
Georgian Sofa with Fixed Seat in Congo - Cardamon


I visited the Raoul and George Smith showrooms last week and thought the pieces looked fantastic. George Smith pieces are classic and look great in a simple velvet or funked up in a fun Raoul pattern.

thanks for sharing.....

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