You know that feeling you get when a friend accomplishes a personal goal and you're so proud of them you don't know what to say? Well, that's how I feel about my friend, Gamie K.

Gamie and I met about seven years ago while working at Pottery Barn. We worked together on the sales floor selling and merchandising.

To many people retail seems like a pretty simple way to make a living but just like any other job it can be stressful. Pottery Barn runs a tight ship and they expect their employees to multi-task: help customers, set up displays, design, sell, sell, sell and even dare I say it... clean the bathrooms. Anyway, Gamie and I were in the thick of it together and became good friends.

Before Pottery Barn, I'd worked in publishing and advertising but took a break from all of that to have a baby and finish my undergraduate degree. Working at PB was a way to be involved with interior design, make a little extra cash, and get a great discount.

Of course, most of us at the store really wanted to be doing something else. Gamie wanted to be a graphic designer and because of my background in those fields, I encouraged her to pursue her dream. Well, lo and behold, she realized her dream.

It's been a couple of years now and not only does she have a full-time gig at an ad agency, she also has this beautiful line of scented cupcake cards. They are adorable and they actually smell like cupcakes; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

She has other non-scented designs too. Everything is created by Gamie and, as you can see for yourself, they are beautiful. The designs are romantic and delicate and the card-stock has a really nice heft to it. A well appreciated detail.

I'm so proud of you Gamie. You did it.

You can learn more about Gamie's Company, Peach Mailbox here.


Kitty Sheehan said…
this is a wonderful tribute to your friend and i love her work!
thanks ks.

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