Elizabeth Martin Design

This has been a long time coming but finally the talented Elizabeth Martin has her website up.

This East Hampton home looks pretty amazing. I really like the use of blue in the different spaces. The rooms are graceful and relaxed. When you look closer there's a sense of fun too; the large photo of the baby at the beach, and the feather plumed pen in the children's bedroom. My favorite photo is this last one of children's room. I love the color in here, the stripes on the wall and in the rug, the floral fabric, and the painting leaning against the wall. It feels like fun. I'm guessing here, but I think these photos were published about five years ago in an issue of In Style Home. (Can't find my issue anymore so those details aren't confirmed.) I've been waiting for Elizabeth Martin's website ever since. She is one of California's great and refined talents.

Click here to see more of her designs.


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