Fortuitous Fabrics

Between family, work, and our dog Mudd, I don't get a lot of me time. When I do it's usually for some kind of design inspiration field trip.

The other day a friend and I headed over to The Cotton Shop in Redondo Beach and ran across these fantastic fabrics from Amy Butler.

They are so fun and optimistic.

What initially caught my eye in the fabric aisle was this pouf pattern...

...aka, the gum drop pillow. They were so cute I was tempted to actually buy the pattern. Then, after a moment of clarity, I remembered my limited sewing experience in seventh grade home economics and thought better of it.

If you have a chance, check out Amy's website. She seems like the kind of gal you'd like to have as a good friend. And if you live in the South Bay, check out The Cotton Shop. They're having a great sale during the first week in March.


Oliveaux said…
I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics - so beautiful! Amanda x

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