Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric

While searching through the Carolina Irving fabrics at Hollywood at Home, I came across this fun fabric designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. It's called Sultan's Suzanni. Unfortunately, my scanner bed is too small to show the entire print but it is fabulous in person.

Shannon Marks, one of the welcoming designers at Hollywood at Home, pulled out this photo of the fabric at work. This sofa was created by her next door neighbors at Harbinger. You can see the entire print here.

The fabric below, Sultan's Garden, was a contrast pattern from the same collection. Love it too.

You can learn more about Martyn Lawrence Bullard by visiting Cote de Texas. Joni always has the scoop!

Two other inspiring stores to visit in this enclave of shops are Claremont and Nathan Turner.

UPDATE 4/16/09: Martyn Lawrence Bullard now has a website. You can view it by clicking here.


cotedetexas said…
He has fabrics????? since when? does he even have a web site now? I need to check. I'm shocked he has fabric - and thanks for the shout out! and email too!!!
Hi Joni,
Fabrics for sure. There were at least 20 large hanging swatches to choose from at Hollywood at Home. I couldn't find a website, though, that's why I linked to you!
- Alexandra
Anonymous said…
Ironic, I was just working with Shannon earlier last month on ideas and direction. She was such a great help! I have to admit, she was terrific at helping me with an over-all direction too. Glad to see she's being recognized. Cheers!
A, 9:12.

Shannon was very gracious. Sometimes I need another perspective and when she showed me that photo I thought, "This is perfect."
Mary said…
Martyn has had a website since the end of 2007! I don't know how you missed it. It's constantly being updated with fabrics and furniture too as he comes up with new designs. All so beautiful!

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