Mill Valley - Home of the Week

The above photos were taken of a home we discovered this past Thanksgiving after driving through a little Northern California town called Mill Valley. On the market for a cool million, she's quite a charmer with her indoor/outdoor porches and amazing light. Would somebody please buy this house and put me out of my misery?

We also stopped at Maison Reve in downtown Mill Valley. It was definitely worth the trip. Shop owner and designer Yasmine McGrane is charming and welcoming. And her store is adorable.

Downtown was definitely an unexpected surprise: a little bit west coast hippie-chick mixed in with some east coast fashionista.

For more photos of the home above go to


Terry said…
Wow, the home is beautiful! A cool million, eh?
Anonymous said…
i'd take it in a heartbeat if i only had the money!! BEAUTIFUL!!--kc

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