All-Time Favorite L.A. Homes - Part 1

Rudolph Schindler
Kings Road House

Richard Neutra
Kaufmann House

Frank Lloyd Wright
Ennis House

Charles and Ray Eames
Eames House (Case Study House No. 8)

Pierre Koenig
Stahl House (Case Study House No. 22)

Saturday's Los Angeles Times ran an article written by Sean Mitchell on the all-time best houses in L.A.

A panel of 10 experts contributed to the impressive list of modern homes running the gamut from Schindler to Neutra and Wright, however, there was no mention of Spanish Colonial Revival. Mitchell addresses the lack of Spanish Colonials by quoting one of the panelists who says, "...the Spanish Colonial is so ubiquitous, it's a group, not one individual house."

Really? Could they not have a found a single George Washington Smith home? Or what about one of the Olmsted and Olmsted or Kirkland Cutter homes built right across the tracks from us in Palos Verdes?

It's not that I didn't enjoy the article, I'm just saying it would have been nice to see one beautiful, and livable, Spanish home. There are plenty of grande dames to choose from.

More on this to follow...

To see the The L.A. Times complete top ten click here.


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