Thursday, January 28, 2010

L.A. Art Show

The L.A. Art Show was in business this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My painter-friend, Olga Krimon, took me to the event. It was impossible to view all the art -- or choose a favorite -- in three hours which was all we had to see everything.

These days, I lean towards modern pieces with a little impressionism mixed in, and Olga prefers the classics, so we split up to explore. Below are a few pieces that caught my eye. But if you were to ask Olga, she'd have come up with a completely different list. There was so much to see.

Painting by Chuck Connelly, image from here

Charlotte Park, available through Spanierman Modern

Charlotte Park really was a wonderful Abstract Expressionist, using dynamic colors, forms, and brushstrokes throughout her work. Even though she was immensely talented and was great friends with the Pollocks, the wife of James Brooks, and was in numerous high profile exhibitions, she never received the recognition she deserved as she spent her time pushing her husband's career. However and rightly so, collectors and critics again are noticing her, and it's a wonderful time to buy her work. - Martha Campbell, Associate Director, Spanierman Modern.

Rimi Yang, available through Stricoff Fine Art, in NYC

Urban Relic Blue, Elisabett Gudmann, Nitric Acid, Paint on Copper

Oil on wood panels, by Jeff Cohen,

From David Cook Galleries

It's an annual event so if you missed it, there is always next year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peach Mailbox blog launch

Valentine's Day is just around the corner which makes it the perfect time for my color-wielding-card-designing friend, Gamie K. to launch her new blog, Just Peachy. Please fly over when you have a chance and tell her Riviera View sent you. ✈

❤♡♡♡❤ ♡♡♡❤ ♡♡♡❤

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In 1998 floral designer Erin Taylor opened botanik, a charming flower shop just a stone's throw away from the Pacific Ocean in Summerland, California. Her specialty: small succulents daintily arranged in aged terra-cotta pots.

from Veranda, September 2007

Over the years, and with much hard work, Erin's business thrived and expanded into the cottage next door. Erin added both home and outdoor furnishings, textiles and accessories to her repertoire.

This past Martin Luther King day I took a quick stroll through her shops only to find delight in every corner.

all photos - Riviera View

The outdoor garden entrance.

Today's arrangements.

A classic.

The entrance to the Garden Store.

Once inside...

...great merchandising and eye to detail.

Time for bulbs already? (I'll leave that to you gardeners.)

Orchids bursting through the roof.

So pretty.

Step inside the home store next door to find more design bounty. Naturally finished case goods. Great lamps and textiles. Seriously in California heaven here. This girl has nailed it.

Love that carved mirror. (sorry for the flash.)

Fun textiles/pillows.

This little vignette was beautiful in person.

A nod to the designer Tony Duquette.

Textiles by Les Indiennes.

If you're on a Southern California road trip take some time to discover these two little gems on your own. botanik is located about 10 minutes south of Montecito just off Highway 101. Happy Driving.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"It's Complicated" Potager Garden

image source: imdb

While it's true that design geeks everywhere are pumped up about the set interiors of "It's Complicated," today's L.A. Times ran a great snippet about Jane's potager garden. Check it out below.

January 16, 2010 - L.A. Times
Written by-- Deborah Netburn

Ever since "It's Complicated" landed in theaters, the online garden community has been buzzing about the vegetable beds tended by Jane (Meryl Streep). "The idea was it was meant to look like a real cook's garden," said Jon Hutman, the film's production designer, speaking by phone from a hotel room in Italy. "We try to make the movies look real, but a very delicious version of real." Hutman, who does not garden, relied on the talents of greensman Dan Ondrejko, whose credits include "Jurassic Park," "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Land of the Lost." The team ultimately settled on a French potager design, as the character is a baker trained in France. Although there are no CGI cabbages or rhubarb special effects in the film, not even Martha Stewart could make this garden real. The vegetables were grown in a greenhouse for two months before the key scene was shot, and any plant that looked a little scrubby didn't get to play a role. There was also a little enhancement. "I probably shouldn't tell you this," Hutman said, "but those tomatoes were wired to the vine."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Washington-Smith, Wright & Lautner Homes on the Market in L.A.

On the market for a cool $7.75 million, this George Washington Smith home could be yours.


Or if budgetary constraints are of concern consider this $5.95 million Frank Lloyd Wright home.


And if neither of those fit your pocketbook what about this $1.5 million gem from John Lautner.

More info. on the Lautner home here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Richard Nixon's Childhood Home

The front entrance to Richard Nixon's Childhood Cottage

We ventured into Yorba Linda, California today to see the holiday train exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

Never having been to a presidential library before I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I figured we'd check out the trains and then head off for lunch. We ended up staying most of the afternoon and exploring the various exhibits. If you want to brush up on your American history from 1940's through the 1970's this is a great way to spend the day.

The library, built on the citrus orchard where President Nixon was born and raised, offers something for architecture buffs too. Nixon's childhood home still stands and is open to the public for tours - albeit brief ones since the footprint is relatively small. The California Bungalow kit home was built by Nixon's father, Frank. The two bedroom white clapboard structure was home to five boys as well as Nixon's parents, Francis Anthony and Hannah Milhous.

Pretty modest beginnings from a man who eventually became President.

All photos are from Vincent.


living room/parlor

master bedroom (also the bed where Nixon was born)

the kitchen (miniscule by today's standards - although Hannah Nixon did have a pantry too!)

Backyard facing the citrus orchards. Really quite charming.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post Rose Bowl Parade Showcase of Floats

"Bollywood Dreams"
Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy - 2009

Most beautiful entry
from a non-commercial sponsor

If you happen to be in Los Angeles tomorrow with no plans in sight, I highly recommend a day trip to Pasadena to view the Rose Parade floats up close and personal. It's actually a pretty amazing and colorful way to ring in the new year. Admission information here.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Brad Ford over at Lonny

No words needed here. Just take a deep breath and exhale as you scroll through.

All photos are from Lonny Magazine.

The ├╝ber talented Brad Ford. See more here and here.