Bo Bridges V2

photo credit - Bo Bridges

Today I discovered a little gallery called Spit Studio in Hermosa Beach. Spit showcases the work of local artists but primary the photography of Bo Bridges.

Below is some of Bridges' work starting with an exterior shot for the regional magazine, Luxury Life & Style.

architecture - rockefeller partners

Bridges' portfolio runs the gamut from lifestyle to action to landscapes.


Hermosa Sunset


Greg Lutzka


Teahupoo Wave

Below Spit Studio in Hermosa Beach

Check out the Bo Bridges site when you have a chance and also Rockefeller Partners Architects.


Anonymous said…
Very thoughtfull post on gratitude. It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Mind Power
Riviera View said…
thanks karim.

- alixe
Anonymous said…
Hello Riviera View,
The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th photos are the work of Eric Staudenmaier, not Bo Bridges. Please consider properly crediting his work, should you feel you have the right to publish them.
Riviera View said…
Anon, 10/14.

My apologies for the missed credit. Photos removed.

- Alixe