John Asaro Exhibit

"Young Anna" 16x16

"Compliment 1" 38" x 32"

"Compliment 2" 38" x 32"

"Acqua Ballet" 93" x 80"

"Pavan For A Dead Princess" 46" x 50"

"Pavane" is of Spanish-Italian origin and is a slow dance between two people. It was painted in remembrance of Princess Diana.

Video taken with my Flip Mino.

The above images are from John Asaro's recent painting exhibit. The show ran at Bergamot Station's C-1 Gallery, in Santa Monica, California.

When it comes to intense color and the human form, John is a master.

To see more paintings from the show or to contact the artist directly visit


Jessie Rae said…
I love his paintings! Thanks for the insight.
Much love!
Riviera View said…
hey jes,
yep. he's got it all.
Don't take this the wrong way, but I have a thing for naked women!
Steve laughs at me, but most of the art that I am drawn to are of the female body. What is more beautiful?
This is a beautiful post.

Riviera View said…
I agree. That's probably why Asaro loves to paint women too. Although, there are some parts of the male anatomy, like hands, that are really expressive and great to draw but overall, I'd say we women have the boys beat. :)

Mike said…
lovely! :-)

[i see you were finally able to post the video!]
Riviera View said…
hi Mike,

I finally figured it out. Thanks for all of your techno- help.


- alixe