wall paper non sequiturs

Ever since last year's release of Sex and the City I've wondered who made the chinoisserie wallpaper from Lilly's bedroom.

As shown above, the overall color reads a little pepto bismal pinkish but in the movie it was super saturated.

While thumbing through this month's California Homes magazine I ran across a brief article about Fortuny fabric...

...and thought maybe that's where Lilly's wallpaper came from. After surfing the Fortuny website I couldn't find the fabric but did get a nice history lesson about a prolific designer. It turns out Mariano Fortuny was a Renaissance man. Born in Granada, Spain in 1871, Fortuny worked as a sculptor, painter, photographer, textile designer, set designer and inventor. Below are images of his work.

delphos over-blouse, 1910-1930

textiles, 1907-1910

interior of Fortuny's atelier

model sitting for pictorial studies, late 1800s

Even though Fortuny is not a California artist, as is usually the focus of this blog, I came to him through California Homes so there's my quasi connection. You can learn more about Fortuny here.

And I'm still looking for the wallpaper if anyone knows where to find it.


Fortuny fabrics are fantastic.
We visited his home when we were in Venice last year.
What an incredible place. It looks just like his painting.
We were so inspired by his work that we purchase a huge Fortuny chandelier and hung it in our office.
Great post

Riviera View said…
That sounds like a fantastic trip. Maybe some day you'll post the chandelier for the rest of us to see.
- Alexandra